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Drone Flight Training

Hands on in flight training with the AOX, Phantom 4, or Mavic Pro.

Aerial Photography & Videography

3D Mapping

The AOX by Neu Robotics can map with pinpoint accuracy in real time 3D.

Tower Inspections

Cost effective way to audit and optimize cellular networks.

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“Drone Video Dallas recently helped us shoot some video for a youth leadership conference that we were doing. Their time and support were fantastic. If you need high quality video, be sure to check out DroneVideoDallas.com “

David McClung Engagement specialist with Texas System of Care

“Drone Videos Dallas,  helped us capture footage of an event we put on in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma last month and we could not be more pleased with the work he does.  We were in windy, cold conditions that, at times seemed impossible to fly in, but Heath really showed his skills and commitment to excellence as he flew in less than ideal conditions.  The footage captured was priceless and the work done is only half the story.  Heath Hollenshead, the owner and drone pilot, is dedicated, hard-working, skilled and a man of great character.  Thanks for helping us Drone Videos Dallas.  You are doing great work and making a difference with your talents.  Blessings to you.”

Jeff Niemeyer

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